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The right to live in Belgium has been granted to hundreds of immigrants. This can have many reasons. If you have decided to buy Belgian residence permit, we are here to help you with that process as well. We offer different packages depending on your personal situation and the type of visa you choose. In case your application will be rejected, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked! Buy Belgian residence permit today!

Obtain a Belgian residence permit
As a foreigner in Belgium, you are entitled to obtain a Belgian temporary residence permit if: – You are married to a Belgian citizen and you have been married for at least three years or have had at least three years of continuous legal residency. – You are the child of a Belgian citizen and this person has custody over you. Buy real Belgian residence permit

– You are the child of an EU citizen who is legally residing in Belgium. We offer extensions of your residence permits and transfers from all cities in Belgium. There are also unlimited residence permits available. We want your experience to be good so we can help you with any problems that may arise. Buy registered German/Belgian/French etc.,
Extend residency permit Berlin

Requirements for each type of residence permit

To obtain the unlimited residence permit you must:
1) Be a citizen of a country outside the EU or Switzerland.
2) Have been registered in an EU country for five years, or have been married to an EU citizen for three years (with no interruption).
3) Have no criminal record.

4) Agree to respect the legal system and institutions of the country concerned.
5) Have sufficient income to live without public funds.
6) Possess a valid travel document and adequate health insurance coverage. A residence permit extension is also possible if there are good reasons to do so; you may be granted an extension if your family member has died or if there is exceptional hardship. Apply for residence permit Germany now!

Documentation required

To obtain a residency permit in Germany, you need to provide the following documents:
-Passport or ID card copy
-Proof of adequate financial resources, such as bank account statements or proof of employment in Belgium.
-Proof of health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay.

-Proof that you have been living abroad for at least 8 years. -A declaration of intent stating that you plan to live permanently in Germany and commit no crimes.
-Documents proving Belgian language skills.
-Notarized copies of all family members’ passports and birth certificates if they are moving with you from another country. We are able to do this easily and we will handle the whole process.

Waiting time

How long does it take for the electronic residence permit to arrive?
The processing time can vary due to the workload. After you have submitted your application, we will send you a confirmation email with all the information about your application and its status. This confirmation email will also contain an estimate of how long it may take for your document to arrive.

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Buy both registered and unregistered Belgian residence permits

If you are looking for a genuine and reliable company, then you have come to the right place. Our company is registered , so we can provide both registered and unregistered permanent residence permits. We can also extend your residency or give you a supplementary sheet to your current permit if necessary. We also offer unlimited residence permits (if applicable). We will make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish and that you are satisfied with our services.


We want your experience to be good. As you can see from our feedback, almost every customer is satisfied. We make it easy for you to get a permanent residency in Belgium and most other EU countries. All you need is money, patience and a little time. Your country might require an extension of your residence permit before the expiration date passes, but we provide that for you for free of charge! So what are you waiting for?

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The Belgian government has made it possible to extend a current residence permit for a period of three years. The EU is currently in the process of developing an unlimited residence permit, which would allow you to stay in Belgium as long as you like. If you have any questions about our services and how we can help you stay in Belgium, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.