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French Residence permit Renewal

Renewing a French residence permit can be done by applying for renewal before the expiration of your current card. Applications are accepted up to one month before the expiration date. Renewal of a residence permit is granted for the same period as that of your previous residence card but not exceeding three years.

You will need to provide evidence that you have established private and family life in France, which usually means providing an address and utility bills in your name. In case of your company, or the EU firm where you work, confirming this too would help. The required documentation includes:

1) Valid national identity document;
2) Letter from employer with ID number (optional);
3) Health insurance policy valid in France;
4) Proof of accommodation such as lease agreement (mandatory if living outside Paris);
5) Employment contract;
6) Proof of registration at the tax office (optional). Contact us here to buy a registered french residence permit . We want your experience to be good!

French Residence permit Application

The new law on residence permits in France is a decree that came into force on the 1st of January 2020. The new regime will allow holders of a ‘private and family life’ residence permit to stay continuously in France for up to two years. This is an extension from the previous one-year stay limit.

For those with children, there will be five years continuous residency before they are required to renounce their resident status and leave France. However, this does not apply if the parent is married to or living with their partner who holds French nationality. It is important to note that under this change it becomes easier for people living abroad who hold a private and family life residence permit in France to come back without having to wait until they have been absent from France for more than 12 months before they can return.

Buy both registered and unregistered French residence permits.

You can buy a registered or unregistered French residence permit. If you need to leave the country in an emergency, having an unregistered residence permit will help you get back into France more quickly. You’ll still need to register at your local Mairie but this is a lot faster than going through the whole application process again.

Registered residence permits are only available for those who have resided in France for five years or more and can be renewed every two years as long as that residency is maintained. Unregistered permits are valid for six months from the date of issue and can also be renewed if you still live in France. If your address changes during the renewal period, contact us so we can update our records with any new details.

Change of address on French residence permit

Address Change for a Residence Permit Application in Paris France
If you are changing your address or name, you will need to submit your application for a new residence permit. You can do this by following these steps:
– Choose the type of residence permit you want and then click on the corresponding link to apply for it. – Fill out the application form with your personal details and attach any documents that are required. –


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It is important that people know what is happening with their future residences permits because they need to apply now.
The new law means people who live outside the EU or those who don’t currently have a family member who lives there need to apply now before 2020 if they want the right to stay there for more than three months without working.