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If you want to buy residence permits for any EU country, we are happy to offer the opportunity. In Italy alone we have delivered over 600 permanent residence cards. You can acquire a residence permit in Bologna, or anywhere else in Italy, as well as a permit for any other EU country of your choice. Our prices are very competitive and reasonable with discounts for students, families and unemployed people. We can also provide residence permits for all EU countries. Contact us here and tell us which residence permit you want to buy: we’ll make it happen!

The residence permit is granted by regional authorities once your application has been accepted and filed on time (following certain criteria). After that, you need to retrieve your residence permit at Police Headquarters where they will take another picture of you and scan some fingerprints on a special device.

How do I get an Italian temporary residence card?

It is possible to get an Italian temporary residence card easily from us. The requirements are: legal residency in Italy, a set of your fingerprints, and a valid passport or ID document. You will be issued the residence permit receipt which you can use as proof of your status. You can withdraw this residence permit after three years, if you want to live abroad for more than two years (except for people with residence permits for family reasons).

The residence permit is only ready after we receive confirmation of your tax clearance certificate and it’s not possible to withdraw the residence permit until this certificate has been sent by mail. Once these two steps have been completed, we will make all necessary documents available to download on our website.

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It’s very easy to buy a residence permit from us. All you have to do is provide your personal information, upload a photo and pay for the purchase. But first, make sure you’re eligible! We offer the opportunity to buy authentic and registered Italian residence permits. Here you can acquire residence permits for any EU country you want.

In Italy alone we have delivered over 600 permanent residence cards. We sell both registered and unregistered residence permits. The status of your permit will depend on whether or not you’ve been granted legal citizenship in another country, because only holders of an Italian passport are entitled to receive an unlimited residence permit.

Italian Residence permit Renewal

Italian residence permits are renewed once every 5 years. When you renew your residence permit, you will need to submit a renewal application for the same type of residence permit as before. You can fill in the renewal application form in English and submit it by post or by email. We provide documents with residence permit status, number of residence permit residence ready for withdrawal, residence permit renewal date and date granted residence.

Our office is registered with an official real estate agent to ensure that we have up-to-date information on housing developments all over Italy.

Italian residence permit application

We are a registered company that offers residence permits for any EU country. We specialize in the issuance of residence permits from all EU countries, including Italy. In Italy alone we have delivered over 600 permanent residence cards. With our service you can buy residency permit ready for withdrawal and renewal of residence permits. We offer great services at an affordable price. Contact us now to get your residence permit !!!


We guarantee all our documents will be original and registered. They are not copies of any other document or any template. We will provide you with the best customer service and we can assure you that your residence permit renewal is in safe hands.

Other questions answered.

-What is the residence permit renewal process?
The applicant should submit a completed application form, together with the original passport and 1 photo, to the Italian Embassy or Consulate. At this point the consular will complete an administrative check to verify that all requirements have been met.
-Is it possible to check residence permit 2021?
Yes, you can check your residence permit 2021 on our website by inputting your ID number or issuing date. You may also check residence permit online for other countries at genuine documents services. Contact us if you have problems with any of the following problems.