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The first thing to note is that you must provide us with accurate information to be entered in your passport documents. Buy real passports in New Zealand. It is very easy to buy a registered  passport from us. Plant passports, my passport, smart passports and biometric passports are all available at our site.

Our website has been created with the aim of helping people who want to apply for a passport and learn how they can do it quickly and easily. You will find information on how to apply for a passport online, get a passport application form or request one by email. We have many pages which cover the most common questions about passports; if you have any other questions please contact us by email or phone and we will answer them for you immediately!

How Renew New Zealand Passport

New Zealand Passports are valid for 10 years and can be renewed at the nearest consulate. To renew your passport you will need to complete an application form, a passport photo and some supporting documents. You will also need to pay a renewal fee. If you’re travelling in the next few days then contact the nearest consulate to find out if it is possible for them to expedite your passport renewal. We make this very easy.

If not, make sure that you have a back-up plan such as obtaining a visa from one of New Zealand passport free countries or getting a passport check done by scanning your passport into their system.
New Zealand Passports are valid for ten years and can be renewed at the nearest consulate or embassy. When renewing your New Zealand passport, make sure to take along some identification documents such as:
People i can now obtain passports online by submitting their personal data on our website.

Cost of a New Zealand Passport

The cost of the passport is dependent on the type. For a passport, the cost is 1500-2500$. It’s possible to expedite the process for an additional fee  but this will require you to provide us with your own funds in advance and contact us as soon as possible after making payment to complete your order because we need time to do everything ahead of time in order to meet your deadline. We offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied with our service. The process usually takes less than 2-4 days to be completed. In some cases it may take up to 1 week depending on your request and country of citizenship.

Contact us at any time via whatsapp so that one of our customer service representatives can answer any questions that you might have about the application process, buying a real passport from us, or receiving your new document(s).

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